Long Hair- Get the Most Out of Your Trims

First off, I love working with long hair! 

Many of my clients with long hair come in to see me and just request a half inch trim off the ends. They want to keep their length but want shape and body as well (hint: a half inch off the bottom alone won’t do it). I’ve had long hair for most of my life, so I get it. I used to think the same way until I became a stylist.

Girls with long hair, there is a way to truly keep your length and give you shape! Now chances are you need to use a flat iron, blow drier or curling iron (or all) to tame the “beast” in the morning. Think about where the heat is going over and over again on your hair. Most of us repeatedly are going over the mid sections of the hair, not the very ends of your length. So where will most of the damage be? Yep, the mid section.

A common reason a long hair client wont want layers is because another stylist gave them a hack job a year ago and they have been scared ever since. This is why it is important to stick with a stylist you TRUST and STAY with them.

Depending on your face shape, if you have all one length long hair, you are not doing anything to compliment it. Chances are it is only pulling everything down or acting as a curtain over the  face.

Now lets talk about your options. No, you do not need to cut 6 inches off to reach the mid section of the hair to remove damage.I recommend adding face framing, a long bang you can still tuck behind your ear, and long layers through out the cut. If you have not considered layers though, why not?? By getting layers it will remove the damage, add shape and body, and give your hair movement. Best part? You can keep your half inch off the perimeter because that isn’t usually where all your damage is, but don’t freak out when you see a few inches coming off the hair around your face. This will be your face framing like my client pictured top right. This DOES NOT effect your over all length.

When I cut long hair, I start with the face framing, not the perimeter (your length). I hold it all straight up so I get both sides even and do not slide cut it downwards to avoid the horrid harsh angle. I then connect the face framing to the layering in the back so the cut is smooth and has fluidity to it. Next I will take whatever is requested off the ends. You can choose to not take anything off the ends as well.

Make your cut last:
 Use a heat protector. Be proactive not reactive. By preventing your hair from being scorched you wont have to spend more money on damage repair products. Schedule for your next cut at the end of your service so you do not forget to call 5 months later. Shoot for 6-8 weeks for your appointments. (Hair grows on average a half inch/month). Take care of your hair. You invest a lot in haircuts so make the most of them. Remember, it is a great idea to bring in pictures of what you want for your cut. Everyone has a different idea of what a long, medium, or short layer may be.

Here are some of my favorite celebrities with long layered hair:

For tips on styling long hair:

Hair by Gabie Vossler:

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