Hair at Home: Two Huge Mistakes

Box color. This has to be the first item talked about here. I have yet to come across a client who has had good results with box color. Here are several reasons why you should never ever use box color:
1. It is not customized for you. Box color is designed to “work” for a wide range of people with different color starting points. The concentration of developer in most boxes is 12% or higher (a.k.a. 40 volume). For example, imagine a woman with blonde hair and a woman with black hair using a chestnut brown box. Will they both get the same results? No way. Will either one of them get chestnut brown color? Probably not. More than likely, the blond hair will go black, and the black hair will either do nothing or look brassy brown.
2. In order to achieve a uniform color, a hairstylist will formulate two different formulas for a single client’s color: one for the regrowth (roots) and one for the ends. This is because the regrowth and the ends are coming from different starting points. This is similar to the problem discussed above, but the two different starting points are on the same person.
Photo: HOW-TO: Prevent and Refresh Brassy Color... (other than NOT using boxed color :) )   KICK-BRASS: can’t lift color. For example, the woman to the top right attempted to put a blonde box color on her previously colored dark ends and about 4 inches of her natural medium-brown regrowth. The box color was only capable of lifting the natural color of the 4 inches of regrowth, whereas it failed to lift the artificial dark color of her ends. This is because her ends had been previously colored. In this picture you can see that her previously colored dark ends were left unchanged and that the 4 inches of medium-brown regrowth had been colored a brassy orange (the 1/2 inch of medium-brown at her roots is what had grown between her coloring attempt and this photo). Ultimately, the box color resulted in an uneven color, none of which was the desired blond color.
4. High volume developers can be very damaging to your hair especially if you didn’t need any lift to begin with. A box color does not customize a formulation for you in the way that a hairstylist does, in fact, it doesn’t customize its formulation at all. This means that a box color may unnecessarily expose your hair to a high level developer, which may be damaging. For example, imagine a blond haired woman and a dark haired woman who both want to go to a medium brown. The blond haired woman would need only a low level developer while the dark haired woman may need a higher level developer, which would be customized by a hairstylist. A medium brown box color will most likely contain a high level developer sufficient to lift the dark haired woman to a medium brown color. If the blond haired woman were to use the same box color, she would be unnecessarily using a high level developer.
5. Box color is unpredictable. Even in the off chance that a box color were able to get you to the desired level, it is unlikely that it will create the desired tone. This is also due to the fact that it is not customized.
6. Correcting box color is expensive and takes several trips to the salon to fix. You can not go in and expect to be blonde after you had colored your hair dark with a box…at least not if you want to have any hair left.

7. If you have artificial hair color, it must be lifted out to go lighter. Again,  artificial color can’t lift artificial color. That blonde box color? It is still color. It wont work if you try to correct your artificial dark hair color by putting a blonde box color over it to lift. It will damage your hair further though. Don’t fry off your $40 cut with a $10 box color.

Cheap Drug Store Products.
1. Cheap products likely contain a lot of fillers and cheap ingredients.
Most cheap products have high amounts of alcohol and detergents. Sure, for first few washes they might leave your hair feeling soft and look shiny,but that will end quickly. The ingredients are just coating your hair and eventually build up and make your hair dry and look dull…causing tangles. When you are in a hurry and have tangles, and dry hair, you are likely to start breaking it off when you comb it out. Avoid cheap products.

If you invest in your hair at the salon, do the same for it at home. Do not be fooled by clever marketing by box color brands and drugstore products. Look at the ingredients and look at the order they are listed on the bottle. A shampoo/conditioner will last you a few months at least. $20 shampoo/conditioner will be worth the lasting results you will get over the results a $5 shampoo/conditioner will not give you.

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