How To Choose A Shampoo/Conditioner

With all the thousands of options for hair care out there it can make choosing one shampoo and one conditioner tough. Since so many competitors are pushing their hair lines, many people start to think, “is there even a difference between all of these?” There is a difference and it all comes down to ingredients, quality of ingredients, and the order in which they are labeled on the bottles. Here is how I narrow it down and choose the right hair care product for myself.

  • Start with your main hair concern. Common concerns: damaged, colored, dry/brittle, oily, fine, coarse, limp, fluffy. 
  • Use a professional line. The reason the professional lines cost more is because the ingredients, quality, and amount of ingredients used are better. Some drugstore brands claim they have trendy oils in them but if you pick up the bottle and look at the order of ingredients, the oils are pretty low on the list. This means you really are not getting much of anything besides fillers in your product. FYI: Fillers add build-up on your hair and can suffocate it.
  • Go with what your stylist recommends to you. Your stylist is there to help you get healthy hair. We go to cosmetology school to learn everything there is to know about hair including it’s health, and protecting the integrity of our client’s hair. If you trust your stylist to cut your hair or color it, trust what they recommend for you to use on your hair. We want you to have the best hair possible!
If you need a recommendation, I would say to try any of the products from Sudzz FX. The company isn’t under the mega companies like Loreal or Estee Lauder like so many other brands. The ingredients in there products promote a healthy scalp and healthy hair. Healthy hair is what will help make it more manageable and resolve a lot of hair issues like frizz or dryness. There are no hidden sulfates in Sudzz FX products either. Many other brands say their products are sulfate free but still include it secretly. I trust Sudzz FX for my own hair. 
Tip on using conditioner:
  • Use the product correctly. Some conditioners come with instructions to leave it on for 2-5 minutes, some say to rinse it our right away after applying. Always make sure to rinse the product out well and use it from roots to ends. Putting conditioner on your roots isn’t what makes hair look oily, not rinsing it all out does. Nourish the root of your hair.

Comment below if you have questions! Take care!

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