Balayage Mania! What To Know Before Getting This Trendy Color Done

Balayage is everywhere and for good reason! It is gorgeous, grows out without a line of demarcation, and looks soft and natural. There are some things to consider before you call the salon to book this color appointment and change your look up.

  • Are you prepared to see your darker natural roots or a darker base color? To give the natural effect and contrast, there is a “rooty” effect with balayage color. You can choose to have face framing balayage pieces around your face and take your highlights higher up but the point is to not have a line of regrowth. 
  • Wanting to have baby blonde balayage but your current color is dark or medium brown? Balayage is softer color, remember. Even for traditional foiling packets it would take a couple or a few sessions to get you light blonde coming from a darker color.  This is also important for the integrity of your hair. Allow your hair to lighten in realistic stages. Having real expectations will set you up for a positive experience for your visit at the salon. 

  • Use professional hair care at home to help keep the color from getting brassy, fading, dulling, drying, or getting brittle. When investing in balayage hand painting color at the salon, use professional hair care at home for insurance. Drugstore products wont cut it. Ever. Even if they lure you in with cheap prices and sparkly bottles and promises. No. Turn the bottle around and read the truth. The ingredient list will let you know how terrible it really is. Most likely the buyer won’t know what any of it is because the brand doesn’t want anyone to know about the hidden cheap sulfates, silicone, fillers, and detergents in their product. Professional hair care is guaranteed when sold in a salon.
  •          Be sure to let your salon receptionist know you specifically want balayage when booking your appointment. This technique is a more time consuming than traditional foil highlights so this will give your stylist the proper amount of time to do your hair painting. Without being specific, the stylist may not have time to finish your service or may have to move your service to another day due to improper booking to not inconvenience other clients through out the day. Not so fun.
  •        Balayage is versatile and fun to change with the seasons. The lightened strands can be toned to most hues. Boredom with balayage is not usually a problem. Warm it up for fall, cool it down for winter, brighten up for summer, it’s a lot of fun.

  • The thicker/longer the hair, the longer the process will take to paint the hair. More product usage is required with longer and thicker hair as well. Pricing typically is increased to compensate for the stylists’s time and extra product charge
  • It is best to paint on a smooth surface, just like with anything else. Coming into an appointment with a crazy, messy dirty bun isn’t the best idea before getting balayage. Smooth the hair out first for best results. 
  • Holding still during the application and during the processing time is important. You have been turned into a painting for a bit and do not want to smudge or ruin what is being created

  • Balayage is fabulous. It is best to be prepared before getting a trendy or unique appointment. I hope all of this helps get you ready for your great new hair painted locks! It is going to be amazing! 

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