Simplifying Contour Makeup For The Daily Routine

Let me just start off by saying… contouring can be intimidating at first! Picturing having to blend out a tone much darker than your own skin tone sounds scary. Don’t be scared though, I am going to break it down for you in a few ways and show the products I use in my daily routine. Yes, I contour everyday because I love it!  Its all in the blending and when you have that down, its a breeze.

Contoured and blended
  • Contouring: The point is to hide or draw attention away from areas you do not want to stand out. Use a tone that has a bit of warmth to it so you don’t look ashy or like you have dirt on your face… not a good look.  Avoid bronzers as a contour as well, most tend to have shimmers in them which you want to save for a finishing touch highlight. 
  • Highlighting: This is what you are going to use to draw attention to areas you want to bring out. I like to break the highlighting down into a highlight #1 and a highlight #2. #1 is more of a cream concealer or powder that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone. #2 is a finishing touch highlight that is dusted at the end on your cheek bones. 
  • You can use multiple products to contour or get a kit that is specifically made for contouring (recommended for beginners). 

My face makeup routine:

Multiple products to contour

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