Fall/Winter Blondes.. With My Formulas!

My recent blonding work for Fall/Winter 2016! Everything from all over brightness with a hint of dimension, to rich depth and pops of lightness. My formulas are all here, I just ask that if you repost with it please give credit. I used all Aveda color and products to achieve these results. So here we go with #1:

1. Pinterest inspiration pic vs. what I did
Formula: Aveda color: Retouch: 40g ELC, 8g pastel v, 1g pastel b, 80g 40 volume. Partial highlights focusing around the face: Enlightener, 15 vol. Two slices of lowlights in the back: 20g 7n, 4g v/b, 2g l n/n, 20g 10volume. 
Process 35 minutes, shampoo/condition with Blue Malva. 
2. Balaytease ribbons 
Formula: Aveda color: every other section free hand paint then tease: Enlightener, 40 vol. in the middle of the free hand painted sections use: 20g5n, 20g6n, 2g v/b, 40g 10volume. Process 25 minutes. Tone: 20g 10n, 20g 0n, 2g pastel v, 1g v/b, 40g creme 

3. Balenced blonde 
Formula: Aveda color: Retouch: 20g7n, 20g8n, 8g b/b, 1gy/o, 40g 20 volume. Full highlight: back: Enlightener, 10 volume, front: Enlightener, 20 volume. (Apply base first and process 20 minutes with HL’s). 
Shampoo/condition: Blue Malva.


4. Brightening up 
Formula: Aveda color: Partial highlight all thin weaving with Enlightener, 20 volume, heavier around the face. Process 25 min. Tone: 10g 10n, 30g 0n, 4g pastel v, 40g 5vol. 

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