Going and Staying Blonde: Maintenance, Home Care, and Everything in Between

We are about to enter Spring again and along with a new season comes a desire to lighten up the hair. The golden, rooty balayage look of Fall/Winter was fun but seeing icier highlights emerge on celebrities and Pinterest  are inspiring! Here are are few things to think about as you venture on your blonde journey.

  • Patience for the win. Although it looks like one quick trip to the salon for celebs to go from brunette to blonde, the process can actually take several appointments to achieve the end goal, especially to keep the integrity of the hair intact. Say the last hair appointment was balayage 4-8 months ago, that’s a lot of regrowth and fading. What I have found helps my guests feel extra blonde while they are transitioning is to highlight heavier around the face each session. This not only gives instant brightness, but helps them see what it is going to look like when we achieve that brightness through out the hair.  Here are two examples of keeping brightness around the face I did on my clients.

  • At home maintenance. Blondes tend to struggle with brassiness setting in. At home care, hard/soft water, and the stage in the blonding journey can play apart of this. Lets start with at home care. It is so crucial for blondes to have a purple shampoo and conditioner and know how to use them. I love Aveda Blue Malva. The longer the product is left on, the more time it has to deposit temporary pigments that will last until you shampoo again. For first timers start with the directions on the bottle and build. When blonding, the hair is going to feel more dry. Do not expect it to feel like your virgin hair. There are ways to moisturize and repair though. My favorite line is Damage Remedy to give the hair back protein and moisture. Once a week the masque feels amazing too. For a leave-in, I use Daily Hair Repair on my blondes after lightening. Pictured below is after I highlighted, painted, toned, and used Blue Malva and Damage Remedy on my guest.
  • How many weeks? Once the ideal level is achieved, next comes figuring out maintenance. Depending on how dark the natural level is, regrowth can come back with a vengeance or a little more subtle, but regardless it will be there. Count on highlighting 4-8 weeks to keep roots at bay. It’s great for blondes to do a deep conditioning treatment at the salon visit to revive the ends from heat styling, breakage from in between visits,  Before: dry and brassy in between sessions, after: refreshed and shiny!
  • Make it last. I advise my guests to not shampoo at least for 1 day to let the cuticles of the hair settle. When lightening, the cuticle is being opened. While the cuticle is still lifted rather use dry shampoo for a day or two than wash  the toner down the drain. 


Inspiration that patience is key and will result in healthy, even highlights. This was from the first time one of my guests started seeing me with dark roots and warm ends. It took almost a year to get her to the end result but it was worth it!

  • For more blonde inspiration and tips, follow my Instagram; @gabievossler 


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