Balayage Evolved

 The hair painting technique, balayage, has evolved so much over the past few years. I thought it was time to do an update on the requests I am getting in the salon, combination of techniques used to achieve “the look,” and upkeep to maintain.

1.This first look is one that is requested quite a bit by brunettes that want dimension. I always like to discuss how high up the lightness is desired to start and if more brightness around the face is desired. Placement really creates the look to me with dimensional painting. Not all hair lifts the same so different techniques are used to paint the hair. I painted in foils for max lift for this client and toned to cancel unwanted warmth. 

2. To achieve pale blonde/cool blonde then hair painting alone isn’t always the best option. Babylights close together around the face and spaced out across the top can give a soft, yet bright look. Again as I find placement important, I like to paint around the face on the hair that has been left out of the foils for pops of brightness. Not pictured here, but for a deeper root, a shadow root could be applied after highlighting to give a melted look. 

3. For this look I did true hair painting for a sun kissed look. My client came in with long hair so I cut the length first to see the canvas I would be working with. In between hair painting I added in thick lowlights to give her dimension back. Sometimes when there is too much light on the bottom it begins to look too solid and doesn’t pop. I finished with a warm toner to compliment her natural color.
4. For this look I used several techniques and processes to achieve the final result. I started with a few babylights around her face and began painting highs and lows around the sides of her face. We decided on only painted half on her head because we did a full balayage the last time. Again, I don’t like to over paint and loose dimension with too much solid brightness. After processing I toned with two different toners (one on top/one of the ends) and finished with a cut. 

5. Maintenance: I recommend for my clients to come in for a toner refresh around 4 weeks. Living in Hawaii with the ocean, sun, elements fading can happen a bit faster. Speaking of, products are so important. I love Aveda’s color conserve line and dry remedy. I always recommend to wait 2 days before shampooing or going in the ocean after coloring as well. Aveda makes a product called Sun Care hair veil  that you can mist over the hair before going in the sun to help protect the hair and the color. Here’s the big one: purple shampoo and conditioner to keep out warm tones. I have been loving Fanola no yellow shampoo!  
Gabie Vossler
Instagram: @gabievossler 

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