Lifestyle Hair: Spring Vacation Knots

Spring is finally here! With each season it is fun to mix up how hair has been styled from the past season. Living on an island it makes those lived-in, beachy hairstyles so fun to wear, but they can also be worn anywhere for the right occasion! 
  • I was working with hair that was not freshly shampooed. This helps the style hold the mold and shape better. 

  • I took an organic section with my fingers from each side of my forehead and tied the hair in a knot. While holding the hair, I crossed two bobby pins under the knot. 
  • I took the first knot and created a second and third knot right behind it crossing the pins in the same manor. 
  • For texture: on the ends I curled random strands with a Hot Tools Pro one inch curling iron and ran my fingers through the curls. To fluff the top: I used Puff Me powder and gently pulled the knots to loosen. 
This look always gets compliments and it looks harder than it really is. Good luck and let me know how it goes! Follow me on my hair Instagram: @gabievossler for more!

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