Curtain Bangs and Hair Scarf Style by Gabie Vossler on Blogger Britt Ball

Curtain bangs are all the rage right now (and how cute is this braided scarf style?) A few things to consider before getting this trendy fringe?

  • Your stylist! I was lucky to grow up with a stylist mom that never gave me a bad cut or highlights but I have heard some stories in my salon chair. Definitely make sure to check out who you are going to just like you would with your doctor or dentist. Sometimes I think it’s easy to assume if you are going to a good salon you are going to get a good stylist but style is such a personal thing. Check out Instagram pages just to make sure your taste matches up. Mine is @gabievossler if you haven’t had a chance yet!
  • Take a look at your hairline. Do you have a cowlick that grows up or way off to the side? This may change how short you take the curtain bangs unless you are ok with more maintenance styling at home with heat. 
  • How far back AKA how thick to do want your bangs? Once they are cut they can get textured to take out some of the weight ( weight/heaviness is totally normal after removing alot of hair)  or you can keep it if you like a thicker look. Up to you!
  • Product. Dry shampoo, texture spray, light hold hairspray all give soft volume and movement to your new fringe.
  • Have fun with your new style! Hair always grows if you get over it but enjoy the new change and the new look it gives you!
I had so much fun cutting these face framing bangs on blogger Britt Ball! She seriously has the cutest style and I highly recommend checking out her site at 
If you give these curtain bangs a try in salon or have any questions I would love to know if the comments! Also, please tag me in your curtain bangs photos on Instagram at @gabievossler !

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