Styles To Save For When You’re Bored With Your Hair

We all hit a rut with out hairstyles. Sometimes we just need a few ideas to rotate through the week that are simple, current, and realistic. Here are a few I have been loving and it styled on my in salon clients for your inspiration!

1. A simple, classy bow.Do you have a bow on a designer bag purchase? If you saved it, turn it into a hair bow! I used this Chanel bow from recent purchase and it’s always a hit. I gather the hair tie the bow, and pinch and pull the top half of the hair for soft volume.

2.  Hair scrunchies and braids are perfect for a casual day. How to get the look: french braid down one side, bobby pin to secure. pull the sides of the braid gently to loosen. Pull the opposite side of the hair back along with the braided side and tie into the scrunchie twice, One the second time tying, pull only half of the hair through the scrunchie. 

3.  This one is super feminine and sweet. I gathered the hair back organically (no parting)  and used this clip in bow to hold the hair back. To add volume up top I used the pinch and pull method lifting hair up at the crown.
4.  This Henningen & Co bow is just one of my favorite hair accessories. It is versatile and it actually stays put since it’s connected to a rubber band. I first tied half if her hair in the band, then turned it inside out and wrapped the ribbon around the remaining hair.
5.  I love a good scarf hairstyle! This scarf is from Anthropologie. I tied the top in the tie the scarf comes on and french braided the material into the hair. at the end I used a clear elastic to hold. I left a few pieces out around the face for softness.
I hope you all had a fun Halloween and I can’t wait to bring you styles for the holidays! Comment with anything you would like to see and as always, if you try one of these styles, tag me on Instagram: @gabievossler
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