Bellami Micro Keratin Tip Extensions To Fill In Around The Hair Line

I was so excited to use Bellami Pro Keratin Tip Extensions on my model Kristen. I have been highlighting and blonding Kristen for a couple of years and she is always so trusting of what I do with her hair so I thought she would be a great model for what I had planned.

I would have to say the number one complaint I hear in my chair at the salon is, “my hair has become so fine around the hairline/front, I wish it was fuller.” Sometimes I pull back my hair and show them my hairline to see that I also have that, and to notice that the hair is just fine in texture as well.  Its tough to pin point what exactly is causing it for each person, there could be a number of reasons. I can offer solutions to fill it in and that’s what I did here with Kristen.

After speaking with one the nicest reps from Bellami, she highly recommended the micro keratin tip extensions for what I had planned. Being that the hair around the face is more fine, this method gives less tension and moves with the hair to be undetectable.

So here is a little bit about what you should know about Bellami k tips.

  • It is real, cuticle remy hair
  • Life span CAN be 6-12 months. I say the word “can” because this depends on how well the hair is cared for. Move ups can be about 6-8 weeks.
  • What is the “k tip?” The k tip is a protective coating with a silicone additive going over your own natural hair. ( See Bellami site)
  • The bond is attached close to the roots but giving enough room to move naturally. 
For Kristen I worked with one pack of hair (one pack has 50 strands) and I used about 16-17 strands to fill in close to the hairline and with styling it took about an hour. She came in with clean, dry, straight hair which was perfect and ideal. 
Other info: 
Here are the colors and pack recommendations Bellami suggests based on fine, medium and thick hair if you were to do a full head. A full head can take 4-6 hours: Bellami K Tips

I hope this answers some questions you may have had about where k tips were right for you for filling in around the hairline! To view more of my work: Instagram @gabievossler

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