August 1st

Happy August first!

I am always a little extra excited to update my blog when fall starts nearing as many know it’s my favorite season! As a blonding colorist, I will be sharing tips and suggestions on transitioning into fall blonde tones without compromising being blonde, or making it a mission to get back light for winter/spring. We all like a little change in our blonde so sometimes just a little fall twist can be enough. 

Makeup changes with the fall season along with changing up blonde tones. For example if I were to have golden tones added in and a rootier look I would want to warm up make eyeshadow with honey, golden, champagne tones according to skin tone. It was recommended to me by a makeup artist years ago that as a general rule blush was for the cooler months so I wouldn’t look sunburn or hot, and bronzer was for when it warmed up. Obviously its not a set rule that can not be broken, but I do keep it in mind with how much I am applying and according to how light or dimensional my blonde is.

Switching up or adding in additional haircare products depending on the weather or new hair color is something I will be discussing in the upcoming season. I hear my clients asking if its good to switch their shampoos every now and then and yes, it is, but I will it in the the reason why and when later.

I look forward to this 2019 fall season AND it’s my last fall in Hawaii until I will be in UTAH! 

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