End of Summer Fashion Finds

The end of summer is here and I am so ready to start diving into fall fashion. Before the seasons do change, I found this incredible dress (linked here) that hints to fall leaves with it’s color, is long enough to wear casually or to a formal event and can transition well between summer to autumn. 
Depending on the accessories paired with the dress it can look more summer ready or fall ready. Since we are in August, I paired it with this woven bag (Click the link to purchase mine on Poshmark!) and this Anthropologie hair scarf turned purse scarf.
My favorite part about this dress is the slit and the square neckline. It makes it classic, flattering and stylish all at the same time. Not pictured are my sandals. For fall time I would pair this with closed toe heels and a light cream jacket. 
To view my entire Poshmark closet: https://poshmark.com/closet/gabievossler
Until next time,

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