My Visit to the Dior Cafe Honolulu

My friend pointed out the Dior Cafe before I even noticed it, but when I did I was amazing! It was absolutely beautiful and what you would expect from Dior. This was the Honolulu, Hawaii location although I know there are a few other Dior Cafes around the world.
The cafe is right next to the Dior store (makes sense) and had pink and white tiger, monkey and giraffe statues peeking out of the bushes complete with a “do not feed the animals” sign. 
For my outfit I wore a blouse I bought from Express and tucked it into high waist, wide leg pants I bought at the Nordstrom sale this past year. My purse is Kate Spade.
If you have a Dior Cafe around you or in the area you are visiting, its worth checking out! 
Have you been to a Dior Cafe? Tell me about it in the comments!
Until next time,

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