Trending Hair Accessories and How to Wear Them

I love the hair accessories trending right now. My two favorites are the over sized hair clip with pearls on it and the large headband that peaks at the top of the head. 

This is the pearl over sized clip we see trending everywhere. This one I am wearing snaps shut and stays in place. I have worn it on the side of my head, and in back when i do half up half down styles. I also looks cute at the end of a braid or twist leading back into the hair. 
I bought this black headband last year around this time of year actually so I am happy it is popular again. I prefer to wear it over the hair and at the nape of the neck vs having hair pulled out on the headband. 
The backs on these headbands usually have extra stretch to adjust to the head, just depends on the brand. To shop my high waist shorts in this photo: here
To see more of how I am wearing the upcoming hair trends visit my Instagram page: @gabrielleaurvos
Let me know in the comments if you have tried these styles and if you do, I would love to know what you thought!
Enjoy your week and until next time,

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