Transitioning Casual Style From Summer to Fall Without Reaching For Leggings

 Along with the change in makeup and hair colors we make, I think it is just as fun to change the tones in our wardrobe with the seasonal changes. Here is how I start to transition my casual style when it is still warm out but I want that fall feeling.
When I think of fall, I think of rich colors. Deep oranges, reds, purples, browns, nudes, etc. all come to mind. I bought this top at Express and it definitively hints to fall. Pairing it with shorts keeps me from being too hot since we are still at the end of summer and ankle boots with a low heel. By just adding in fall colors and keeping boots low, it gives this look an either or look, it could be summer or fall and the color of the top leans more towards fall. Once these small details are broken down it becomes easier to piece outfits together.
I always feel so much better when I am in an outfit that is put together, even if it is simple or casual. I have those leggings and a tee shirt days (nothing wrong with that at all) I just noticed I was not only neglecting some great clothes I had but I truly feel my best with some effort all around.  I grew up seeing my grandma, who loved to get dressed up, always looking polished for any occasion. I honestly can not recall a time she was in a tee shirt and lounge pants. I admire the effort she put into caring about fashion and style. My grandma is my style icon for any season. She is 95 and still making the effort so I can do it too! 
Until next time,

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