Cozy Casual

I found this off the shoulder sweater on Poshmark of all places, brand new, amazing quality, and it was exactly what I was looking for. This isn’t an ad for the site, I was just thrilled to find this chunky sweater because living in Hawaii, I find it to be hard shopping for classic fall items that can work for a few years, not just the one season (especially since we are moving next year). 
If you can believe it, I got this sweater at a great deal for $6 (plus shipping). The top has a braided texture and sits perfectly off the shoulder. 
I have grown to love the tucked in front look, even for oversized sweaters. If I didn’t tuck this I would look a bit boxy and my shape woudld get lost. It does take a minute finding how much to tuck in front is right for you so even though it looks effortless just try tucking it a few times to compare. 

I love neutral tones with my hue of blonde hair, eye color and skin tone. I would accessorize with a headband, boots, or jewelry that have pops of color for fall if I were to change mix this sweater with other pieces. 

The oversized sweater truly is cozy casual (that’s the brand of this particular one as well). Until the weather cools down, I will be pairing my sweaters with shorts, skirts, boots, and slide ons. 
Instagram: @gabrielleaurvos
Poshmark closet: Gabie’s closet
Until next time.

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