Back to School Look… but Not Really.

I have not worn overalls since at least the 4th grade and pairing it with Keds tennis shoes definitely made me think of a back to school outfit but for grown ups haha! This outfit was super comfortable and took the place of my workout outfit I would wear to do errands. 
The straps on the shoulders on this suit are adjustable so I actually pushed the metal clips all the way down so the front of the overall was not up to my neck. To get into the suit, it basically just zipped up the front and had a bow tie (which I loved because it shows you have a waist)!
The material is really lightweight but not see through by any means. It could easily be transitioned to into cooler temps by adding a chunky sweater ( see previous post for an example) and booties. To purchase the top: Tan top
Places I would wear this: pumpkin patch, park, errands, theme park, lunch, any casual/outdoor event!

I hope this gives you some inspiration to try the overall skirt again. I almost put it back before I bought it but I am SO glad I just went for it and tried something a little different.
Let me know in the comments if you are going to give it a try or if you already love this look and wear it!
Instagram: @gabrielleaurvos
Until next time,

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