All Things Coral In Beauty

I remember being in college competing in a pageant, about to go on stage (super nervous), and one of the women helping out backstage said to me, “Pink is always so flattering on blondes,” as I was in a magenta evening gown. For whatever reason, that stuck with me and I’d gravitate to pink shades since I didn’t know what color worked best for me on my own. Now that it’s years later, I know even in the pink realm, which shades work better on my skin tone and which ones pull out red… which I don’t want to see. Coral consistently has worked for me both with blush and lip color as well as dresses/tops.
My bodysuit is from Topshop and it folds down on top so it can be off the shoulders. One the ends of the sleeves there are two little bows which give it soft feminine detail without being over the top. 
I paired the coral bodysuit with skinny jeans from Zara and white Keds. 
I love coral makeup more than any other shade. Second would be a soft nude with pink tones. I am pretty fair so anything to dark or bright looks harsh on me. Thankfully my skin is in a good phase at the moment so I am taking advantage and using highlighters to give it a glow and not make it look like I’m just oily and breaking out! I apply my foundation with a wet beauty blender, then the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter, followed by blush and a mix of my two highlighters on my cheekbones. I use powder when I go to work because it is so humid here I get too dewy, otherwise just the foundation/ blush/ highlight on my skin. 
For lips: NYX is my go to. I try expensive brands but I am always drawn to the formula and shades this brand has to offer. 
On a side note, I am using Joico Body Shade texture spray to give my waves extra fluff. I have been loving seeing the mids-ends having more volume than the top lately and this does it for me.
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