Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Fall Decor

Since the pumpkin spice latte is finally being released August 27th, I figured it was perfect timing to start decorating for fall. I started out with a few items and slowly add more and more (and move things around to freshen up the decor).
Most of my decor for fall is from Micheals, a craft store that we don’t have on Oahu, however,  I  brought my fall decorations over when we moved here. I have picked up a few cute items from places like Home Goods and Tjmax (also not in Hawaii, but we just got Marshals). I love having garland made of leaves for the season draped on the entertainment area and kitchen window. I mix a blend of oranges and reds to not only bulk it up but add more of the colors the season has to offer. 
As for the scent of autumn I of course go for anything pumpkin, but I also love apple. I have been to Bath and Body Works way to much to check out their fall candles that are out already. I also found a latte candle at Antropologie that was perfect for fall. 


These are a few examples of little pops of fall I put around the home. We usually keep the air temperature pretty cool so it does allow it to feel like fall a bit more even if it is still hot outside (lets be honest, it is always hot and humid here).

Ever since my first year of marriage and we had a home of our own, I have loved decorating for the holidays because I enjoy the change and creativity that comes with it. I remember taking an early look at fall decor that first year and a woman came up to me and said,”its never too early, if it makes you happy you can start whenever you want to.” I love that, if you also love fall and all things that come with it, celebrate as early as you want.

I’d love to see your fall decor, tag me on Instagram at: @gabrielleaurvos  

Until next time,

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