Wearing Abercrombie In Late 20’s

I thought once I was out of college my Abercrombie wearing days were done because the hems were a little short for the professional world, and honestly as a hairstylist/colorist I wear alot of black at work. At the time, the brand didn’t carry black, they had navy being the darkest. Fast forward to present day, I kept walking past the store seeing cute outfits, without the logo all over the front of the the tops. I finally decided to go in and check it out.
First off, the clothes are so soft and comfy. From the material to the fit , it is perfect. I know, using the word perfect to describe clothing now is hard because quality and comfort, as well as a good fit isn’t always easy to come by with many brands we see floating around social media these days.
I bought a few body suits and they are not see through and have the best flattering cuts! I bought an xs in all sizes. I even bought my husband a couple of the men’s basic, plain shirts and he loves the fit and softness of them!
I am wearing a white strapless bra with this bodysuit. I loved that the sides are not cut high as well. I hate having to adjust my jeans to keep a body suit covered. I didn’t have that problem with this one at all.
All in all, I think its totally acceptable to wear Abercrombie past college age now. There must have been a rebranding period I missed but I am loving the outcome. Others have been saying how cute their clothing is as well. Iv’e gone in the store a few times an each time the age range shopping was not high schoolers, but my age and up.
If you have been wanting to give this brand a try again, or already found a love for it too, comment and let me know what you have found! I’ll be showing some of my favorite looks on my Instagram: @gabrielleaurvos
Shop my looks: @Gabievossler
Until next time,

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