Easy Twisted Pigtails and Hair Clips for Fall

I never wear pigtails but I thought this style looked very wearable without looking like a five year old. I added in two rows of clip in extensions for volume, not length, and these pretty pearly, hair pins from Anthropologie. I will also link other hair clip options below.
I love hair clips and hair accessories mixed in with braids, ponytails, really any hair style. These are a few I have been using, including this one: Hair Clip Link . To start the style, section your hair into two and start twisting one of the sides. When you are twisting, add hair from only one side. I used clear elastics, however if you have dark hair the small black elastics would most likely work as well.

After wearing the style all day I am happy to report it held up and I didn’t have to redo any part of it. This included a grocery store shopping trip, a few hours cleaning, and other errands. Cute and functional!  If you prefer the ends to be curled or waved, this curling iron is in my Poshmark closet is looking for a new home!
Now that I am stocked up on my hair clips and bows for the season, I will be showing more braids and styles on my Instagram: @gabrielleaurvos

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