Minute Man National Historic Park: First Time Visit Things To Do And See

During our trip to Boston, we made our way up to Concord and stopped at the Minute Man National Historic Park. There are two visitor centers there where the staff can answer questions and brochures are available. After parking at the first visitor center, we made our way down the path to the second center and watched a short presentation on the Battles of Lexington and Concord. This was extremely helpful to get a history recap before seeing where the events took place in person. There are a few artifacts and panels in the center to give additional information before you begin your walk.
To see the Jacob Whittemore House in person is so neat. The house was built in the early 1700’s and we learned it was one of the house that existed when the Battles of Lexington and Concord happened.
I forgot to mention coming out of the visitor center there is a beautiful garden leading to a great view of the trail that takes you to The North Bridge. The fall colors were just starting to change which made the views that much better.
After a beautiful and fairly short walk on the trail down from the center, we made it to The North Bride. This is a replica as the one from the 1700’s was taken down. You can see people canoeing down the water, little turtles, chipmunks and squrriels (which we don’t see where we live).
The Old Manse over looks the North Bridge and water. Its worth a visit and to look up a bit of the history on the house as well as who lived there in the past. 
I hope that gives you a brief summary on some of the highlights I enjoyed at the Minute Man National Historic Park. There is more to see than what I listed and it looks like a great place for a run/walk! I enjoyed learning and seeing a part of our history and the fall colors made it a beautiful setting. 
For more of my Boston trip:@gabrielleaurvos

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