Fall Hairstyle Using A Scarf

My mom gave me this scarf, a few years ago when I flew to Santa Monica to attend a week long course at the Sassoon Academy. I was able to see family and my mom was wearing this scarf. I told her how much I liked it, and she wanted me to have it which I was really happy to have a part of her to take home back to Hawaii. I wore the scarf like you normally would until one day it hit me that it would make a great hair scarf and bulk up a braid really well.

Unfortunately I do not have a brand for the scarf, but when you look for one that can bulk up your hairstyles, look for a thin, long one that you would normally wear around you neck. When I tie this scarf in my hair, I do it two different ways depending on if I am adding volume in a braid or tying it in a bow. The first for tying a bow: I double up the length to shorten/add fullness, then tie the bow normally. I check back and forth for balance and symmetry. The second style: When adding the scarf to a braid I add a rubberband on one end, tie into the hair, and braid normally. At the end a tie the length around the bottom rubberband so it is secured both at the top and the bottom.

For more hairstyle inspiration follow my YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram! -Gabie

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