How I Keep My Light Blonde Hair Healthy

Being a blonding colorist and stylist has allowed me to have access to so many of the best professional brands for maintaining, strengthening, and repairing lightened hair. I remember when Olaplex was first being introduced to the beauty world, I was working as a hairstylist/colorist in North Carolina with a boss just as enthusiastic as I was about new products and ways to improve both our skill and results for our guests. She brought Olaplex into the salon and all of the stylists were beyond excited to use it. Our guests saw results, especially the ones that always experienced some level of damage and breakage because of the state of their hair being fragile to start with. Both our guests and us as stylists were hooked and needless to say, I still use it on myself today. When the line first came out, there were three steps. one was added into color or lightener to assist in preventing breakage as the hair processed. The second step was a bond builder applied after color or lightener at the shampoo bowl, and three was a take home for guests to use weekly.

Today there are many more Olaplex products in the line and I use them all on my own light blonde hair. I added a photo of the majority of the products above, but basically there are steps 1-7, and 1-2 are for professional use. I am glad they came out with 4 and 5 (shampoo and conditioner) because many thought step 3 was a conditioner. Step three can be shampooed out, and followed by conditioner as it is the bond builder.

Above is a photo of my hair before using all of the steps. It was starting to feel a little in need of a good Olaplex system treatment after my trip to California and Boston.

The two steps I follow up with after step three (bond builder) shampoo, conditioner, are the bond smoother (amazing!) and the bonding oil. The oil seriously lasts so long, I have barely made a dent in it and I bought it as soon as it was available several months ago.

As a light blonde, I have to highlight my hair every 3-4 weeks…yes I am definitely not on the low maintenance train. I tend to just have the regrowth highlighted and when needed, a little bit of painting on my ends when it is missing a pop of brightness. My hair feels strong, soft, and on days it does get frizzy, I use a little bonding oil and bond smoother to calm it down.

This is after rough drying, and adding a few loose curls post treatment. I added a touch of Fanola No Yellow Shampoo to give it a mini tone, and that’s it! Below I am adding a video of a quick review when I first bought the shampoo and conditioner. I mostly talk about texture , first impression, etc.

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