New Handbag For The Season: High End Feel Without The High Cost

I’ve carried a black medium sized handbag for about a year and it has been great, but every now and then I have come across needing a nude/neutral tone bag. I found this La Terre bag when I was out shopping for a dress to attend a wedding and realized my old faithful black Kate Spade purse wouldn’t go with my heels and dress. I happened to see this bag by chance and bought it. It’s under $50 (a fraction of the cost of my current purse) and comes with a shoulder strap like my black one.

Similar purse link

This medium sized bag fits everything I need and stops me from over stuffing it with the things I don’t. Sometimes when a bag is too big I feel the need to keep adding more items in it and then can’t find anything inside!

I think the bag has a high end feel with out the high end price. I love the shape of square /structured purses. I am hoping it is easy to keep clean so that I will have to update here after it has more use.

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