Taking Time For Our Beauty Routine, Self Care During This Challenging Time

Hi all!

It has been a minute since I have been on here, I know. Life got pretty busy between working in salon doing hair, prepping for our move to Salt Lake City, Utah in June, and then the COVID-19 pandemic. Being a creative person and in the beauty industry it hit my work, like many if not most others, since I am in a high touch field. A quick thank you to everyone in the medical field now and always, I don’t think they get thanked enough publicly regularly. Having a husband in the field I may just see it with different eyes. Anyway, on to a lighter topic and hopefully this will give you a few things to fill your day while we wait this out being at home staying safe and healthy.

  1. Take time to get ready

I know, being in pjs and not washing our hair for days is tempting but even just a cute braid and some tinted moisturizer and a lip color can help make you feel like you’re ready for the day. Even if your day doesn’t consist of too much right now. What has helped me keep a routine is writing down a little schedule on the fridge for the day. It includes breakfast, cleaning down high touch surfaces (again because of what my husband does), giving myself a designated time frame to just clean in general, time to relax, time to work out, make lunch, dinner, etc. It has helped for sure. Here is a cute simple style to try out that will hopefully lift your mood!

2. Try a new collagen recipe

So this is beauty related because of the collagen aspect! I have been using a tasteless collagen powder in my smoothies or coffee (whichever it happens to be that day). With this extra time I am currently trying to master blending up an acai bowl but I keep ending up with a smoothie haha. If you have tips on that I will take it!

3. Do a hair mask

I created this “Stay Home” hair guide to help care for our hair while we are out of salon for a while. I wont go over them all and bore you because they are self explanatory, but I will say they are on there because I do believe in them. The root concealer is a temporary spray, meaning it lasts wash to wash and will save you from the awful box color and high costs of color corrections (just say no). Pro tip: try sleeping once a week during this time with the Olaplex number 3 in your hair for a mega bond building treatment. Wash out in the morning (shampoo/condition), your hair will thank you!

4. Add in a hair accessory:

Along the lines of still wanting to feel pretty and put together (somewhat) at home, add in a cute clip, hair scarf, whatever you have especially if you bought one and never really knew what to do with it.

5. More inspo:

For more hair inspo:

Instagram: @gabievossler

Youtube: @gabievossler

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