3 Must Try Dry Shampoos While Staying In

Good evening! I wanted to give an update on 3 dry shampoos I am liking and using, and put them all in one place. You may have seen a few on different posts as I mentioned them but I feel like it’s easier to have a few good options in one place to find them all. I have the photos linked to their brand sites to make it easier too! I know the Navy Wave is having a site wide sale until tomorrow ( 4/9/2020-4/10/2020) with code “shine” at checkout. I love that their dry shampoo (All Hands on Deck) has a built in heat protectant, is color safe, and they don’t test on animals!

The second dry shampoo I am alternating between (it’s nice to have a few for different functions) is the Billie “Floof.” This dry shampoo comes in both light and dark tones so that is really nice to have color options. Floof contains biotin, rice starch to absorb oil, and baking soda. I’ve noticed it’s a really fine powder so I don’t see clumps like I have in other dry shampoos. The application is really easy and clean too! This is a steal at $14.

My 3rd dry shampoo is Moroccanoil in the light color (since my hair is blonde). This scent is just so good! I like this one on days that I feel like my hair is getting a little yellowed out because it has a slight violet tint to it (super soft). This just neutralizes that bit of yellow and refreshes my hair in the right way. This has been one of my go to dry shampoos for a few years. ( I took this screen shot from a story in my Instagram!)

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Shop the post below:

  1. Navy Wave dry shampoo 2. Moroccanoil dry shampoo 3. Billie “Floof”

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