My Morning Self Care Routine

Happy Good Friday! This Easter weekend I am making a similar recipe to the enchiladas my mom would make and all of my siblings loved and would request on birthdays for her to make. It’s never as good as she makes them, but I’m trying! I need to make a post with her recipe one of these days. We are in Hawaii( moving in June!) and most family is in California and my sister is in Alaska so we are a bit spread out. We have a group chat that we text in if not daily, weekly so I am sure we will talk there a bit and make some phone calls, same with my husband’s side.

As I write this I have my Moroccanoil hair mask in my hair, a face mask on, and Frozen 2 on Disney Plus. I have a few self care things I do that don’t change, and that includes hair masks, face masks, teeth whitening when needed (no more than directed), a good lip balm daily, and collagen in my coffee or smoothie. Here and there I’ll add little self care beauty things to my routine, but these are the basics for when I want to start my morning with a little pampering.

When I apply my hair mask to sit all day: I scoop out little by little and apply on my dry hair. It’s so nice to do it this way because you wont have dripping hair while it sits. I just use an elastic to tie my hair up. When I am ready to wash it out I shampoo, then add a little more conditioner after, rinse, and follow up with my leave in products after towel drying. It feels amazing and so soft after!

As for self care that are not products:

Texting and calling my sister just to talk and laugh or talk about places we want to visit in the future. We traveled with our husbands quite a bit all together this past year and it was so much fun! Talking to family in general I find to be really uplifting.

Playing with my little Lulu cat. This little cat would chase her feather on the end of a stick all day if I would run it around for her from morning until night. It’s not hard to make sure to give her plenty of attention, she’s adorable.

Mini workouts. I say mini workouts because mine probably last between 10-20 minutes using resistant bands. It does feel good to get moving even though we are inside for a while still at the moment.

Cleaning. I know its odd that this is under self care, but doing a good deep cleaning with good music on feels great! I like to focus on one room at a time and really clean out the whole thing vs just surface cleaning. It feels so nice entering that room later on!

I hope these give you a few great self care ideas to start out your day and inspire you to keep it going on a positive note!

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