My 3 Must Have Spring Beauty Products

Sephora shop-able products: Pure Grace fragrance + Chanel Gabrielle

Target shop-able products: Olay serum

Navy Wave Beauty shop-able products: Beach Day lip kit

My sister and I get headaches, and I get migraines specifically and I only mention this because we are both a sensitive to intense perfumes. I want to love them and have tried, but accepted I need to keep it light. When spring comes around I love citrus, soft fruity and clean laundry scents. I can do a little sweet, just not coconut, we are not a coconut family! haha Pure Grace from Philosophy is not fruity, but very clean. It even says “nothing smells better than soap and soap and water clean” on the front of the bottle! It is reasonably priced and lasts through out the day nicely. Fruity option at a lower price point: Wild Strawberry Leaf from Bath and Body Works (not too strong). Luxury price point: Chanel Gabrielle.

I use the Beach Day lip kit here in the video on the post. This color is the most beautiful soft pink for any skin tone. I like that it comes with a lip liner so you have control over how much pink you want, meaning you can fill in your lips with it to look more like a lip stick and finish with the gloss, or lightly line and gloss.

The time has come that I need to be using anti aging skin care. I have liked the feel of the Olay serum and that I can mix with my makeup to thin it out on days I am just running errands, mix with my SPF, or wear alone. It also has a brightening element to it that I can see even before I apply it to my skin which is really nice. I notice a difference on days I do not apply, or apply it consistently .

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