Night Time Skincare Routine

Currently, this is what is working the best for my night time skin care routine. I noticed a bit of a difference when I drink more water too (which I need to do more of right now). I wash my face, then use the Noxzema Anti Blemish Pads to clear up and prevent breakouts. Annoyingly, I still break out, but these have helped SO much. I didn’t really expect them to do much but they didn’t dry out my skin or make it sensitive which is why it became apart of my routine.

I follow up with a small amount of vitamin E oil from Trader Joes and just dab and press it onto my skin. in high school on I felt like I have had oily skin so its so funny to me that I use an oil now for moisture at night. I like it though because it absorbs into my skin nicely and it is priced so well. Love Trader Joes!

I have posted about this tropical lip balm before but it is apart of my night routine so I wanted to mention it here. It has a light scent that smells like the beach and gives plenty of moisture.

The Shea Butter Hand Cream from L’Occitane is so nice. My sister gave me a gift set with this lotion in it any I have loved it ever since. I have used one that was in their lavender scent that is really nice as well.

Ok this last one is not skincare, but I always add a touch of hair care before bed. Right now I am loving the Navy Wave Search and Rescue serum because of the biotin and botanical benefits. I am in the stage of wanting to grow my hair out ( I should have known this would happen when I cut it off!) so I am giving it lots of care and love. I am also adding collagen to my coffee and have a great set of clip ins, but that is all on this post to read about.

I hope some of these can be helpful for you! My skin will still go through phases that it just wants to be unhappy but overall this routine is keeping it is balanced for now.

Have a great day and let me know if you try any of these!

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