Whimsical Photo How To Using Tissue Paper

I hope you are having a good week! I thought this would be a fun project to share, especially for my crafty friends itching to create! I used my Canon camera, shear pink tissue, tape, a camera stand , Dreamy Preset in “Dreamy White,” (discount code below) and a few artificial flowers. See below for the next step.

I cut out a rounded bubble shaped cut out from the pink tissue paper and placed it over the camera lens. This part took a few minutes just adjusting (with the camera on so I could see the effect I would get in the preview screen). Once it was where I liked it, I taped it gently in a few places and it was good to go!

This photo was the result I got, I was impressed that this project worked so easily and so well first time around! I wanted the dreamy, whimsical look so I work this white flowy dress and added in a side braid. Now that I thinking about it, this would be a fun project for Halloween as well with grey or black tissue paper for a foggy effect.

To give my photos their final finish, I used the Dreamy White preset over them. This takes out the dingy yellow walls from bad lighting, and over all balances out the photos in a way I would never know how to. I really wanted to share a discount code with you guys because they are literally the best I have come across. Use code: GABRIELLE15 at check out for %15 off. I added a slight bit more of a pink effect in Lightroom as well because I wanted that pink paper to come through a little more. That’t a fun part about the presets, it does all of the hard work for you, then if you want to adjust anything, its very easy from there.

Let me know if you try this out and tag me on my Instagram! Lets make the hashtag for these photos #dreamyathome

Here is the code again for Dreamy Presets if you missed it: GABRIELLE15 for 15% off presets

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