Tinting My Brows At Home

How is your week going? Doesn’t it feel weird that it is already Friday? This month feels like it is flying by and going by slow at the same time. Anyway, I did a poll on my Instagram story if everyone would rather see how I tint my brows or my hair clip collection (basically where to get my favorites) and this won out. I use pro color because I am a hair colorist, but for anyone else that wants to tint their brows at home, I found these kits on Amazon that are priced well and seem to be used by other bloggers. Everything needed comes in the kit but if you want the brush tool I use it is here.

When I tint my brows, I like a medium brown shade to contrast with my light blonde hair and give my face some definition. I remember lightening my brows in the past and looking back at those pictures and lets just say that look is not for me, I prefer more depth personally.

If you have dry skin: Around your brow hair, not on it, use an oil like coconut oil or lotion to keep the skin moisturized and prevent staining.

Processing may vary, but on myself I only have the color on my brows for about 2 minutes then wipe/wash it off. If you have grey in your brows, you may want to let it sit 2-5 min but follow the directions of the package.

That’s it! Simple right? I feel like half the battle is just finding the product in the first place. Tinting lasts me anywhere from 3-4 weeks on average but that can vary.

Brow kits:

Medium Brown / Dark Brown

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