How To Choose A Curling Or Flat Iron That Is Right For You!

The time can sneak up on you when you need a new curling or flat iron, right? You sense it is going to be on its way out soon, it doesn’t give you the look you want because of the design, or you simply just need more options. I have been all of the above! As a hairstylist, I need to stay current with all of the latest tools and their functions so the point of today’s blog is to do a little explaining of what each of these tools I have do and why they made the cut!

The one inch Hot Tools curling iron with a clamp is always a great classic for creating deeper waves to let cool and brush out. I like creating beach waves with it as well by twisting down as I curl and leaving the ends out. The clamp is great if you are not comfortable getting you fingers close to the iron like you would with a wand.

The Hot Tools Flat Iron is what I use both in salon and at home (I have two of these, a one inch and one and a quarter). This is helpful if you have any little curly baby hairs you want to smooth out around the face and then finish in waves by twisting the iron and flattening out the ends! I add in texture spray for volume and an added beachy effect. It smooths the hair straight really well too.

The tool that always gets excited comments over when I use it in salon is the Curl Bar because of its shape and features. On the back there is a timer button for 15 seconds you can press for each section (totally optional) as well as the heat dial. This wand heats up very fast too which is why I love it for professional use. The actual wand/bar is all the same length so it doesn’t narrow toward the end.

The last one on my list is the cone wand. This is great for comb out waves. I don’t personally like holding the hair all the way down the cone to the ends as it gives it too tight of a curl at the bottom. I would suggest leaving the ends off the iron, let it cool, then once all of the hair is curled, brush it out for soft, pretty waves.

I hope this helps when it comes time to choosing a new iron! Tell me which one you go with! I linked the ones I mentioned to make it easier to find them.

Have a great day!


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