Reasons To Love Dry Shampoo During Quarantine

You may not need additional reasons to love dry shampoo, right? It’s hard to not love it. So many think of dry shampoo as being something to use when you don’t want to wash your hair (which it’s great for absorbing oil) but when I honestly love it the most is on my freshly clean hair to give it lift and volume!

  1. Volume: Once I discovered how to get volume in my hair in high school, there was no going back. I am just not a flat hair girl and I am ok with that. When I lived in NC for a few years I LOVED creating bigger hair for clients and for myself. Sometimes it did get out of hand but it was just so good at the same time! haha What I love about the Billie “floof” dry shampoo is that it helps me get volume easily on freshly washed hair that needs juuustt a little grip without being sticky.

2. Hiding my roots: We are all going through our root grow out at the moment, well, for those of us that have highlighted or colored hair. When I use the Floof dry shampoo, it disguises my darker roots a bit which is great! Now it is not a 100 percent “my roots are gone” kind of thing but it is noticeable to me. There is also a dark hair floof which could help for those with brunette shades.

3. Health: I love that Floof has biotin in it! Such a gret bonus that I have not personally seen in other dry shampoos on the market.

Have you given dry shampoo a try while staying home? Tell me your favorite or if you use Billie too!

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