Create Heatless Hair Waves Overnight

Many of you know my husband and I are moving to Utah from Hawaii in late June and I have SO many hair products to try to get through as liquids can not be shipped. I wanted to get creative and use the liquid styling products I have and heatless waves popped into my head! Now I tend to use alot of hair product as it is because I love hold and smoothing. I had a lot of fun REALLY using a lot of product to make sure this held over night to achieve the waves.

  1. After shampooing and conditioning, towel dry the hair to get out the excess water.
  2. Apply all of the beachy, fresh scented products for hold! I used a mousse with argan oil and green tea from the Navy Wave to help hold but not dry out my hair. I also applied this really yummy scented blowout spray for a little more hold and honestly I love the smell SO much from SudzzFX.
  3. I organically split my hair in two sections (not a hard part) and braided. For added hold I sprayed with The Navy’s texture spray right on the two braids after securing with two clear elastics.
  4. When you wake up make sure your braids are completely dry before taking out the braids.Work through your hair with your hands, definitely not a brush or comb or it will get very poofy!
  5. Apply the texture spray again while tilting your head to the side to spray in the hair and last apply the Navy biotin serum on the ends to smooth and moisturize by scrunching in.
    1. If you do better with a visual, I added my Youtube video tutorial for styling after waking up with the braids dry. Subscribe to stay in the loop with updated videos!

After you try it out tell me how it goes and tag me with your beach waves on Instagram!

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