Boho Hair Tutorial: Braids and Waves

Happy Saturday! I feel like this past week flew by, but at the same time I thought by Wednesday it was Friday already! Anyway, If you saw my last hair post, I did a tutorial and video on my Youtube channel: “hairbygabievossler,” on creating heatless waves. This style is building on that for a boho, beachy look. I did not use heat to create this look either, but I will link the products I used to keep it healthy and styled from shampoo all the way to the finishing serum and dry shampoo.

First, I previously prepped my hair for the heatless waves with brightening shampoo for blondes and conditioned with a hydrating hair mask because my hair is definitely not naturally this light and needs good, professional products for care. See the blog post for heatless waves here.

For today’s boho braid: I used light colored dry shampoo (it has a slight violet tint to cancel out light yellow hues) on my roots and massaged that in. I added a little bit of serum on the ends at this point but you could do this at the very end as well after messing with the waves.

I’m adding my video tutorial to visually see how to do the braids. I am so visual, I think this would be more helpful than a written explanation:

On a side note, I am not normally this tan, it is all thanks to my favorite self tanner: St. Tropez mousse. This is a link to get it at Sephora so you can get your BI or VIB points. I did however, not get it off my hands very well this time so excuse that in the video! I would recommend wearing gloves and using a makeup brush to blend it on over the top of your hands and fingers, I was not being that specific here. Let me know in the comments if you want a self tanner how to (the right way, not the stained hands way!) and I will get that filmed and posted.

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