Living Room Decor: Fresh Start!

Many of you know, if you have been following my Instagram, @gabievossler , or my other blog posts here, that my husband and I are moving to Utah this summer so that means I get to redecorate our future new living room completely! We are not moving any of our current furniture because some of it we have just had since we lived in NC (at least 8 years old) and some that we bought here in Hawaii is just wearing down with the humidity and general wear and tear. Basically it isn’t worth paying for a shipping pod to take our kind of mismatched, older furniture across the ocean when it’s time to refresh.

Trying to find my style: I collaged pieces I liked in the Canva app on my phone first to see how I liked them all together. This really helped to see if I was going too far on the boho side, or too far on the farfhouse side when I just want hints of those themes. I asked family members, friends, and asked you guys on my IG polls which sets you liked better (thank you for your help!) to better narrow the selection down. I watched a few Youtube decor videos with a mix of “white, boho, modern, farmhouse, California coastal living room decor” as the search. haha I know, that’s a very specific search but it’s a real thing apparently!

I found through watching decorating videos that the key to getting the “boho, modern, farmhouse, California coastal” decor look down was to not lean too far into one direction and keep the colors neutral. With coastal I learned there is CA coastal and a FL coastal which have different color schemes. I also don’t want to go too beachy with shells and such. I know, it’ such a fine line. Cozy and bright are the goal as well, so knitted pillows, faux fur rug to over lay on the couch or floor rug, maybe the side stool.

Our future living room will have medium grey walls, kind of like they grey in the rug, and cool toned wood flooring so I thought this would really brighten the room up and flow well.

If you love this theme and items as well I linked the photo at the top to my Like To Know It page to shop. I found most things on Wayfair, Amazon, World Market, Target, places like that so very easy.

Thanks for stopping by and happy decorating!


Some of the links on this post are commissionable at no extra cost to you when shopped through, thanks for your supoort!

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