Modern, Farmhouse, Boho, Neutral Home Decor: Bedroom!

You guys, I have been selling my furniture like crazy to prep for the move we have coming up. We don’t want to bring anything (well, no furniture) with us over the ocean from Hawaii to Salt Lake City as its pretty pricey and it’s time to update anyway. It’s nice to get a little bit of money for this expensive move! Anyway, I am beyond excited for this neutral layout and style for our future bedroom! Really, it is pretty simple but when the right items come together it just looks and feels so cozy and not cluttered. The pampas reeds are so fluffy and pretty, I think they add a bit of coziness that is unique, even if it is trendy right now. I found them on Etsy and the seller had great reviews/photos.

I know it looks like a lot of white but considering our walls will be light/medium grey I think it needed to have a good amount of brightness in the decor for the light and airy feel I wanted. The flooring is a cool toned, medium grey as well. I think the beige and browns ad richness and a great natural element. Oh and the tins for the pampas grass! I love those, I found those on Amazon.

The other thing I want to mention before wrapping it up is the woven basket! I love the idea of having a basket to toss my throw pillows in because not going to lie, I would just put them on the floor or chair before. Having more purposeful organization that all flows with the room will be SO nice.

I hope this inspires some ideas for you bedroom if you are redecorating or just needing a few additional new pieces for a neutral, modern, farmhouse, boho mixed bedroom! More updates will be coming as we get closer to the move date and actually get to put this together.


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