Late August Dreamy Accessories

I have been out and about exploring the beauty Utah has to offer! Some of it reminds me of when we lived in Cali, parts of it have an NC feel, and others are completely new and unique! As you know if you follow me here and on Instagram , I love the fall. I have been trying to incorporate accessories that have an Autumn vibe while not looking crazy out in public since it’s still warm here! Here are a few accessories I have found to make your outfit look more “dreamy.”

  1. A woven or straw hat (add a bow around it and it elevates the look)! I found this one at a vintage shop and HAD to have it. Recreating this would be super simple. Start with a basic straw hat, no patterns, words, or embroidering on it. I prefer lighter colors in the hat since its still summer. Add a shear scarf or piece of fabric from the fabric store around the top and tie in a bow! If it wants to slip off, add a dot of hot glue to secure it for windy days.
  2. Keep jewelry to a minimum. I am only wearing this simple gold chain necklace (similar options here) for jewelry. It can be hard to select one piece sometimes but overdoing it can take away from the look. I was told to take one accessory piece off when you feel like it is too much, then it leaves you with the right amount.
  3. Hair and makeup: I am wearing my favorite clip in extensions and brushes out the curl to leave a soft wave. Around the face my hair can get too frizzy or loose its shape so I smooth it with my husband’s hair cream. I have been keeping eyeshadow light these days and playing up the lip color. I have moved away from alot of contouring and now just use a bronzer on the tip of my nose, around my hairline, and on my cheeks.
  4. I love finding neutral colored flat that have something special about them in their design. I like to stay away from patterned flats or having too much going on because I feel like it can be too distracting for the look I am going for.

For more inspo: @gabievossler

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