Modest Vintage Inspired

I love a good vintage look with a modern feel! I find it to be so charming and I always feel pretty in a look like this. I know leggings have become a staple outfit these days, but a midi flowy dress is super comfortable and doesn’t feel restricting or itchy like leggings can be (for me anyway)! It can be intimidating though pairing an outfit like this without looking too costumey.

I bought this dress when we lived in Hawaii and have been looking forward to wearing it now that we are in Utah! Sometimes when I see a vintage look its pretty for a picture, but realistically I probably wouldn’t wear it because its done up… for the picture. To keep this look feeling modern, try relaxed beach waves, not an updo or pin curls ( unless you want more of a true vintagey vibe). I’d also suggest if one piece is patterned, let that be the star and keep the other pieces simple (no pattern). In this case my dress had a soft pattern so I went for solid colored flats, a hat without a pattern or words on it, and this cute basket.

I love the length of this dress and the cute buttons down to the front slit. It is just enough to give it movement but not so much that I would feel nervous when the wind blows.

Do you have a favorite modern vintage look? Tell me about it in the comments! I would love to see.

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