Modern Salon Magazine and Podcast Interview with Gabie on Career and Moving During Covid

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I really feel honored that Anne from Modern Salon Magazine was interested in my story as a hairstylist including moving during the COVID-19 pandemic, looking for a new salon home, and ensuring having a mutually beneficial partnership. Believe it or not, many salons get stuck in the old way they have always done things and don’t progress with the times. To some degree, I see why this happens in our beauty industry. Many salons become the family business and changing a structure that use to work, is scary. The negative part about this is that a salon like this could lose out on really great candidates that would bring their salon more business, opportunities, and growth.

It use to be the golden way of building a clientele in salon to have all stylists offer every service they offered on their menu. Times have definitely changed. Now stylists see the benefits in specializing in what they love to do, social media has helped create personal brands, and going back to the old way of doing things just doesn’t benefit anyone anymore. I have unique in sight on the topic as I have moved to a few different states for my husband’s surgical career. As I progressed as a stylist and colorist, the flaws in the old salon system became clearer and clearer.

Stylists are already creative people (artists!) so being told to do a service outside of what makes them happy and what they have invested in to become great at, wouldn’t go over well. When studio salons become available, many stylists wanted to progress out of old school salon set ups. They left the old way of only being able to do their craft if hired by a salon, to having complete control over how they branded themselves, only create what they love and trained in, and not have to put up with rules in place for the few that were lazy or inefficient.

Now clients want to go to someone that has invested in their talent, not just whoever is available. It makes sense, would you want to go to a stylist that hates doing the service you want? The answer is obvious. The beauty industry is moving towards specialists, and if a salon is stuck in the old ways that worked in a different time, they may not have the success they are looking to achieve.

I do hope to continue to see more salons jump on board with allowing stylists to truly shine and not be bogged down with forced services that do not do anyone any good. If you are a stylist reading this, I would encourage you to question “rules” and the culture of a salon. Tell them your ideas for being current with the demand. Don’t just accept the first offer or become compliant.

For the Modern Salon Magazine article: Click here

Podcast interview on Apple Podcast: “Choose Beauty.”

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