Fluffy Ponytail For The Upcoming Holidays

For a few years it seems boho styles and soft updos have really become popular. I usually like a ponytail or up style with a little bit of messiness as well for that done but undone look. This ponytail gives volume, a mix of messy and clean, as well as fluffy curls.

The part that will take the longest with this look is teasing around the crown to get even volume. I like to push the tease softly down to the root and do about three sections of it in the back and sides. After smoothing out the top over the backcombing, I gathered each side in the back and pushed the bobby pin in one way, then turned in around to secure in the opposite direction. This hides the pin and hold the volume in place.

As far as tools and products used for this look: my hair was previously curled from the other day so I went with the texture already in place. I wanted the look to be a little fuller and longer than my natural hair so I added the Bare Foot Blonde clip ins. I should note I cut about 4 inches from the 22 inch extensions to blonde with my length better. If your hair is straight, I would recommend curling with the Hot Tools Pro curling iron in the one inch. I brushed out the curls and used texture spray to build the fluffy volume in the ponytail. I added a little bit of Olaplex oil to my ends to keep them from looking dry.

The last step was adding this Redken shine spray. It doesn’t look oily and is easy to control. I love the light fragrance with it as well!

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