Looking Ahead to Holiday Hairstyles 2020

Are you ready to think about holiday hairstyles yet? This year is definitely different for many in celebrating as we are socially distancing. Holiday parties may not be happening, and gathering may be done virtually. I wanted to bring together hairstyles that can be recreated at home, not requiring a salon visit.

(From top to bottom of the photos)

  1. Hair Twists: This style can be done on straight or curled hair. I took a section of hair from each side of the head and gathered it back into a clear elastic. I twisted the elastic inside out a couple of times, then pull a few pieces up gently to get the ruffled look. If curling, I love this Hot Tools Pro curling iron.
  2. Hair Ribbon: The second style is similar as far as twisting the hair inside out once in the elastic. The change with it is securing with a ribbon attached to the elastic. I wrapped the ends of the ribbon around the hair held in the elastic and tied at the bottom.
  3. Decorative Pins: I love this look for a simple way to dress up a look! I alternated the side with the decoration (up, then down, and so on). I parted the hair further on the side but it could be done in the middle too. Here are similar hair pins to get the look.
  4. Holiday Half Up: These is a super easy style, the prep work would be curling with a flat iron or 1 inch iron, then brushing out the curls with your fingers once cooled. This will keep the curls piecey but soft. These hair clips are just like the one I used.
  5. Holly Side Braid: I started by parting the hair over to the side the and started a three stand braid. I wanted to keep the braid on the side but not gathering all the hair in it, just the hair on top to the side. I stopped adding hair just past the ear and secured with a clear elastic. To make the braid look bigger I pulled gently on each braid loop.
  6. Satin Braid: This is a favorite style I created! I secured the hair in a half up half down, then added one end of a rolled up scarf in the elastic. After that its easy! I braided the scarf with the hair and tie it in a knot at the end.

Let know know here or on my IG @gabievossler if you are excited to try any of these styles! If there are any requests for how a style is created, I’d be happy to do a post on that.

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