Trying French Skincare

Good morning! It was a cold start to the day (it got down to 35 degrees last night!) and I love it! I received skincare, specifically eye cream from Yonka and wanted to give my thoughts on it so far! If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen I am trying out skin care tips and products from France to see the differences and just for something new this season.

Eye cream: I loved how thick the cream was because a little will go along way and it lasts longer than the really watery, thin eye creams. I will link it here to to find.

Oil: Not going to lie at first I thought this oil spray was a typical toner! It felt great spraying on clean skin. It actually felt like spraying instant moisture on my skin and did not feel too heavy. I also saw that it is detoxify? Perfect! Linked here.

Scrub: I liked that on the directions, the bottle read to use the scrub once a week. Sometimes it isn’t clear as to how often to use a product for best results so I appreciated that. My skin felt amazing after using it! Its a creamy and exfoliating texture and again, a a little goes a long way! Linked here.

I will update in a month how I am liking this skincare still! So far so good!

Some of the links may be commissionable when purchased through, thank for your support!

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