Holiday Gift Guide For Her Early Picks

I’m so excited to share my first gift guide for the season! This one is for her in general but I will be uploading a variety of gift guides until Christmas! Look out for the skincare, makeup, hair, homebody, travel guides and more on my Instagram! The are al items I either use and love or are on my own wishlist!

  1. “Let Me Sleep,” Pj set. I thought this was adorable. For the holidays whether its a virtual gathering this year or in a small group with family, opening Christmas presents in the morning can often come with photos. Rather than being in that old tee and sweat pants, why not gift this set to someone that can change into it for photos!

2. Over The Knee (OTK) boots. The boots are fitted and have a low heel which is great for being able to wear them longer comfortably. Having at least one staple pair of fitted boots in the closet helps so much in the cooler months. The only challenge is choosing just one color!

3. Olaplex. Enough said. Olaplex is a tried and true brand I use to keep my very blonde hair healthy. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use it, if even a little on the ends when dry. Any girl or person that colors their hair, has damaged hair in any way, will appreciate this. It has a light fragrance so it isn’t over powering. This would make a great addition to a gift if you feel it needs something else to make it extra special.

4. Olivia Garden blow dryer set. This is another tried and true tool that I have loved for a long time. It is light, not overwelmingly loud, and reliable. Its amazing that this comes in a set with round brushes too! This would be a perfect gift for the girl that has everything. We can always upgrade our blow dryers.

5. Hollywood style light mirror. I have a mirror similar to this and its so helpful for doing my makeup in the morning. It gives an even glow of light so you can see everything you’re doing perfectly. This is another gift for the girl that has everything, or even someone trying to up their makeup game.

For the rest of these gifts, click the top photo and it will take you to my complete holiday guide on Amazon.

Some of the links may be commissionable on this page when purchased through, thanks for your support!

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