Winter Hair Care

Winter is almost here! The temps are cooling down and we have had our first snow! With the new season comes an update with hair care to stay healthy and keep from getting dry.

Olaplex has kept my light blonde, color treated hair healthy not just in the winter, but all year around. There are 7 steps, 1-2, and 0 are for pro use only. #3-6 are for anyone to use. These steps include a bond building treatment ( when hair is colored or highlighted, the bonds in hair can break. Olaplex keeps the bonds together and can keep the hair from breaking). The next steps are shampoo and conditioner with the Olaplex patent ingredients, and followed by a leave in and oil.

With any new hair care regimen, allow a month of use to determine if it is helpful for your hair. I noticed after the first use of Olaplex and from there it just kept getting better. Depending on the damage and state of the hair, how quickly results are seen can vary to the end goal.

To purchase Olaplex: click here

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