Holiday Hair Top Picks

I am rounding up my top holiday hair picks to both keep your hair healthy and my absolute favorite styling products!

  1. Starting with Cashmere Hair clip in extensions. what I love about these extensions is not only the quality of the hair, but that they are seamless! This means they lay flat on the head and are undetectable. I wear the color Sunset in 18 inches. For $20 off your own set, use code, “TEAMGABIEV,” in the link below at check out.

2. My hair lifesaving go to is Olaplex! I am rough on my hair with coloring, highlighting and using hot tools on it daily. Olaplex has a patent ingredient that goes in a rebuilds the bonds in the hair that have broken. I noticed instant softness and smoothness, but I always recommend consistent use with a new product for at least a month to see how it’s doing long term.
shop Olaplex here: Olaplex set

3. I love creating festive hair styles with texture powder. This volumizing powder lifts the roots for lasting volume in between washes. Just sprinkle or pump a little bit in on the roots and you’re good to go! Shop texture powder: Big Sexy Hair powder

4. Shine! It’s the best way to finish a hairstyle and this one from Redken give glass-like shine. Shop shine spray

Did you love these picks? Let me know in the comments which you are trying!

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