Good Things Utah Appearance 11/06/2020

Happy weekend! I have my little Lulu kitty with me on my lap and sipping on the new Christmas Blend coffee from Starbucks (with peppermint creamer)! Yesterday morning was my second time being a guest on the ABC4 lifestyle show, “Good Things Utah.” I have gone on shows in the past to talk about trends with hair for a new season, my top product picks and more, but I seriously love how welcoming GTU is!

In this segment, I talked about easy holiday diy hair styles and hair care this winter. I brought along my fav, Olaplex, to talk about why it is my pick for this season. In a quick review: Olaplex has an ingredient that goes in and rebuilds the bonds in the hair that have broken from hair coloring, highlighting, and even styling form hot tools heat.
Shop Olaplex here

I also brought along the BEST clip in extensions ( they were even on Shark Tank!) which are by Cashmere Hair. The set I love is the seamless clip ins because they lay so perfectly flat in the head… aka not detectable. We didn’t get a change to talk about the extensions on the show but they were on display and figured some would be curious about them! Shop Cashmere Hair + use code “TEAMGABIEV” for $20 off your set!

The first photo on this post is an example of an easy, diy holiday hairstyle I talked about on the show. This year is probably going to be a little more low key ( not traveling for holidays, virtual gathers, etc), so we probably want our styles to be festive, but not over the top with an updo. Simple little decorative pieces elevate the look from just wearing hair down.

did you get to see the show? Let me know what you thought in the comments below or on my IG: @gabievossler

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